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Why lease a solar system when you can buy one for less that 1/3 the cost of leasing and keep the 30% federal tax credit any any available financial incentives for a much better return on investment ?

Our prices on these high performance, name brand, grid tie solar energy systems are so incredibly low that it makes absolutely no sense to even consider a solar lease.

Hawaii Solar Super Sale

Bring us your best written quote from Verengo®, SolarCity®, Vivint®, Sungevity®, Lowes®, REC Solar®, Real Goods® or Home Depot® and we'll blow that quote right out of the water.

And speaking of Verengo® and SolarCity®, bring us their $1,000.00 off deal that they offer from time to time and we'll show you what a real discount on a name brand solar system can mean to the bottom line.

In fact in most, if not all cases, we can save you thousands while offering you a higher performance home solar system for a faster payback!



We're One Of Hawaii's Oldest Mitsubishi Electric Solar Dealers !

Mitsubishi Electric Solar For Hawaii



At these incredibly low prices it make absolutely no sense for anyone to lease or continue to pay their high priced electric bills.


Why not finally say goodbye to the high cost of energy by making your own free electricity with a brand new maintenance free, state of the art photovoltaic system!


                     Hawaii Solar Mitsubishi Solar SolarEdge Grid Tie Kit

5.20 kW

Mitsubishi Solar Hawaii's Favorite Brand

Complete System !

With Power Optimizers That Blow Micro Inverter Performance Right Out Of The Water !

Only $11,128.00

This Is No Misprint !

Only $2.14 A Watt


Mitsubishi Electric Solar Panels 

Orion Racking

With Power Optimizers For Individual
Solar Panel Performance Monitoring And
Shade Mitigation !

This Brand New ultra high performance, tier one, Mitsubishi Electric5.20 kW grid tie
solar electric system includes 20 high efficiency
Mitsubishi Electric 260 watt solar panels with a 25 year factory warranty. A complete U.S. made Orion mounting rack system with a 15 year warranty. 20 high performance SolarEdge power optimizers with a 99.5% efficiency rating. And a SolarEdge state of the art 97.5% CEC, 98.3% peak efficiency inverter.

The 260 Watt Mitsubishi solar panels that are included in this special offer, includes
Mitsubishi's unique salt water environment warranty!

Only $2.14 per watt including mounting racks

And That's Before Any Incentives !

You Can Actually Own This System For about 1/3
The Cost Of Leasing An Ordinary Solar System!

Hurry These System Prices Are First Come First Served !


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This Complete Grid Tie Solar Energy System Also Includes:

1. Free solar rebate application processing assistance

2. Free roof layout design assistance

3. Free lifetime technical support

4. Free single line drawings.

5. Even Includes mounting racks and and your choice of roof flashings or tile hooks on our SolarEdge inverter systems !


Orion Solar Racking Roof Flashings

The Above Posted Prices Have Already Had Solar Home's SolarGreenBacks Discount Applied. Quantities Are Limited. No Rain Checks. This Is A First Come First Served Offer.



Compare Mitsubishi Electric® To LG®


LG265S1C-A3  Versus  PV-MLE265HD




Mitsubishi Electric®

Date Established Solar Division



Date Established Mass Distribution In U.S.



Power Output Tolerance (Higher is Better)



Number Of Bus Bars



Warranteed In Salt Water Environments



Frame Strengthening Reinforcement Bar






Hawaii Solar Panel Financing




Which Would You Rather Pay For The Same Size System And The Same Amount Of Power Production ?

4.75 kW System Solar Lease

4.75 kW System Solar Purchase


Your Typical Final Cost On A $0 Down Solar Lease After 20 Years Worth Of $117.00 Per Month Lease Payments At The Solar Lease Company's Much Higher Pricing.

Your Cost $28,080

And That's Without Considering The Annual Payment Escalator Of Up To 2.9% Per Year For 20 Years.

In Addition, The Leasing/PPA Company Is Going To Take The 30% Federal Tax Credit, Typically Worth Over $7,500, At Their Much High Pricing And They'll Take Any Applicable Cash Rebate!




The Typical Final Cost After A Typical $1.30 Per Watt Installation Fee, Minus The 30% Federal Tax Credit.


Your Cost $9,642

And The Best Part Is That You'll Own The System For A Much Better Return On Investment.

Unlike a solar lease, you'll pay far less and you'll own your home solar system and get to keep the 30% federal tax credit and any other financial incentives for a much better return on investment.


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Mitsubishi Electric, Hawaii's Leading Brand !



The best tech support


Our tech support staff's knowledge of Hawaii Solar applications is backed by over 16 years of experience.

We've operated one of the oldest solar repair centers in the U.S. for well over a decade so our staff knows exactly what makes a great solar product right down to the last schottky diode.

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